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Image by Joshua Bartell

About Us

My very early years were spent growing up in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains; this surrounded me in natural beauty. My family would take Sunday drives through the mountains and hikes on the Appalachian Trail. Here began my love affair with the outdoors and things of natural beauty. My family moved back to Michigan - to its roots - when I was a young adolescent.

I’ve spent my adult years growing my love of nature and wildlife.  I can spend hours on end sitting in a tree stand enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.  I enjoy taking hikes through the woods and most recently, mountains again, and stopping to notice the little things that Mother Nature has provided.  Of course, I’m drawn to trees and love to see the twisted and gnarled ones, knowing the beauty that is held within.

My formal instruction for woodworking included two years of high school shop and several Community Ed woodworking classes after graduating with my BS degree in engineering. I collected, devoured, and absorbed books and trade journals on woodworking and slowly developed my abilities through practice on numerous projects, both personal and as gifts. I believe I have an inborn ability when it comes to woodworking-it is my God-given talent.

I enjoy creating pieces for individuals and think about that connection while I’m in the process.  Not only do I enjoy the creative process of helping design the perfect piece and of course the building side but also watching the joy it brings when the client sees the completed project.

My past career was spent in a machine shop environment.  We built industrial woodworking machinery but I was in leadership and my main focus was in the day-to-day running of the business.  We created as a team but the desire to create individually with my own hands was too great.  I had carried the dream of designing and building custom furniture for many years and built my shop in 1995 with the thought that I would someday realize my dream. So, with the support of my loving wife Carol, we decided to make my dream career a reality. In January of 2010, I took the first steps in this, my perfect journey.

---Brian Campbell

My Workshop

The Campbell Custom Woodworking shop nestled in the trees behind my house

Image by Joshua Bartell
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